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Baby Gym ​

Baby Gym is a parent and child gymnastics class for walkers-3 years old. This class focuses on parent and child interaction by spending time together while working larger motor movement and participation with a large group. Instructors will help parents teach their child class structure while also explaining set stations to show how to spot basic gymnastics skills. Class participates together for group activities such as parachute and songs. This class is 45 minutes.​

Kinder Gym

Kinder Gym is a gymnastics class for girls and boys ages 3-6 years (Kindergarten) who must be potty-trained . Kinder Gym is designed to help enhance locomotor skills and learn basic gymnastics skills on events such as Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor.  Social skills, hand eye coordination, working with other children, taking turns, and following directions are also part of Kinder Gym classes. 

Junior Gym

Junior Gym is a gymnastics class  for girls and boys ages 3-6 years (Kindergarten) who have mastered all the skills  in the Kinder Gym level including understanding class structure and the ability to work on their own. More emphasis will be put on technique of the basic gymnastics skills and learning advanced beginner skills on Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor.  Teacher referral is required for this class. 

Girls Progressive

Girls Progressive is a recreational gymnastics program for girls ages 6 (1st grade) and up. This program is a system of progressive gymnastics that allows each student to work at her own pace. Instruction is given on Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, and floor. 

Beginning Tumble

This class is for athletes who are new to the sport or are still learning the basics. There is a focus on handstands, cartwheels, falling into a back bend, and kicking over out of a back bend.

Intermediate Tumble

This class continues to build off of the basic skills. We focus on teaching front and back walkovers and introduce back handsprings and combinations of back handsprings. 

Advanced Tumble

This is a focus on series back handsprings, tucks, and combinations of skills already taught. Athletes must have both standing and running back handspring series to enroll in this class. 

Elite Tumble

This class will focus on the continued development of technique of skills currently known as well as teaching layouts, fulls, arabians, whips, and more advanced combinations. Athletes must have a standing tuck and a running back handspring tuck to enroll in this class.

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